European Young Energy Manager Championship


Basic project idea is the organization of an international competition EYEManager Championship for the awarding of the best European Young Energy Manager Team.
The 6 international teams composed by students of all the 9 involved European countries must face the problem of energy management of the places where they spend their lifetime: School and home.
The EYEManager championship foresees two main phases: School management; Home Management Each phase will be articulated in 5 steps: Energy audit; Energy Audit Grid; Case study assignation; Energy Saving Plan.
The official beginning of European Championship has beEN in November 2009 with EYEManager Championship kick off meeting (KoM) that has beEN organised on 25th November 2009 in Slovenia (Velenje). This has been scheduled as an "International Campus", in which 9 students from each class -for a total of 81 youngsters -plus 9 more youngsters belonging to the class with the same nationality of the location of the meeting have participated. During this meeting the international teams have beEN officially set up and a teams'building session has beEN held in order to let the teams'members to get to know each other. Also the official presentation of the EYEManager Championship and of the teams formed was made and the Energy Audits in the various countries has beEN held, short presentations (using Power Point, multimedia, other…) of the selected and approved buildings and their energy analysis made per country was made by each country's group of participating students during the KoM.
At the end there will be EYE Manager Award, during the international conference in Italy in February 2011. During this there will be the Awarding of the EYEManager Champion Team: the team that will obtain the major economic saving to the implementation of the 6 Energy saving plans and consequently will have the richer Energy Wallet will be awarded as the Best European Young Energy Mangers' Team.

- Eyemanager championship rules
- Schools involved in the competition
- Teams composition
- Team leaders
- Tutors
- Case study assignment
- Energy audits

EYEManager Championship Kick off Meeting reports and feedback analysis(pdf)

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